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Love, Lessons, Opportunities


Turning 25 in June!

Relationship status?

Single but in a long-term, long-distance commitment

What am I doing now?

I am a WAHM and I write for a living. I was a full-time essay critic but now I’m a writer for a Christian ministry’s website. I’m also currently enrolled in real estate brokerage review classes and hoping that I will ace the board exam!

 Where am I in the world now?

I’m living in a pretty little village in Davao City, PH

What are my interests?

I love reading and writing, eating, internet-browsing, playing with my son, bonding with my life partner, hanging out with friends. Basically, I like doing anything fun. I’m also into personal finance, Christian apologia, and homeschooling. Oh, and blogging –!

What am I busy with?

I’m busy with mothering, work, my blog, review classes, and self-improvement. And, well, figuring life out and trying hard to understand God’s will for me.

When Chinky asked me to write for her regular Thankful Thursdays blog feature, the first thought that popped to my mind was perfect, just perfect. I’m in the middle of a bad week and now I’m asked to write about what I’m thankful for. Why now?

Then I quickly berated myself and thought, Lord, is this you at work? I realized that I shouldn’t be complaining because despite the bad things, I’m blessed. I’m more than blessed; I’m favored and I don’t even deserve it. Here are just three of the many things that I need to be grateful for:


I’m thankful for the love.

I am not your average mother. First, I am not yet married, and even though we already bought a house, my son and I are still living with my parents because the house won’t be constructed in 3-4 years and my partner is still building his business up. But I feel loved every day. First, I feel God’s love through His word even though I’m not faithful every time. Next, I feel my 2-year old Yuri’s love and over-protectiveness. I also feel my family’s love and guidance. Finally, my partner, Job, never fails to make me feel loved even though we’re miles away. He often tells me that since he cannot be there for us physically, he covers us in prayers of protection every day. I feel that.


I’m thankful for the opportunities.

I just came from an “intense” dilemma concerning my job of almost 4 years. I got de-motivated for reasons I wrote about in my blog, but I did try my best to go back to work. However, I just felt that I didn’t want to do that job anymore and wanted to look for new opportunities. That opportunity-hunting led me to the job, which I started just last Monday. I believe that God led me to this opportunity writing Christian blog posts and getting paid to do it!


I’m thankful for the lessons.

My current season of life certainly has something to do with learning. Aside from the many lessons I learned during the “career switch,” I’m also literally learning these days, you know, in the classroom. After years of not being in the classroom setting and avoiding graduate school (fear of oral recitations – I’m not kidding!), I find myself now in a class of more than 400 people, hoping to become real estate brokers this year. What’s funny is that I don’t even have an inch of experience because I’m a writer. But I’m happy to learn something new during every class, even though most of the time, it means information overload. Help?

 With this said, every single day, inside the classroom or outside, is a learning experience. Each day presents an opportunity, and most of the time, this opportunity is simply an opportunity to love. Admittedly, I’m still in a rough transitional period now, but this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be grateful about. Every lesson, every opportunity, every chance to love is something to be thankful for.