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 My First Teaching Post, My Students, My Parents


21 years old

Relationship Status?


What am I doing now?

I’m a Preschool Teacher and I handle both Nursery and Kindergarten.

Where am I in the world now?


What are my interests?

I love (planning and) going on spontaneous adventures and trips! I’m into painting, drawing and anything artsy. I enjoy baking as well! I also love emerging myself in avenues where I can gain knowledge – specifically in two areas:

1) My chosen field (Early Childhood Education): it is my desire to know and experience more! That’s why I love talking to teachers, hearing their experiences and asking/ observing their different techniques! Likewise, there are actually instances when I enjoy observing my students and reflecting upon their behavior. It’s as if “there’s this fancy and unique” world found in every child. Similarly, I make it a point to be updated with the latest issues and trend in the field by reading different articles and studies.

2) Faith/ God: I am grateful and humbled that the Lord has impressed upon my heart the yearning to know Him more! He made it possible for me to be part of a local church and be surrounded by Godly mentors who will guide me as I walk with Him. Thus, I love how He makes it possible for me to discover something new and great about Him each new day – it’s like falling in love with Him over and over again on a daily basis!

What am I busy with?

I think what takes most of my time is preparing for my classes since I teach Kindergarten’s Math and Writers’ Workshop. Then currently busy with looking for pegs for my babies’ (Kindergarten’s) graduation! Ahhhh! I still can’t believe that I’ll have “my first batch of kids” who’ll be graduating soon.

Three things I’m thanking for:


I graduated college a year ago, signed a contract after a week (or two) and started working after a month. In a span of two months, the school year will finally end and so will my contract. The experience is loaded with fun, crazy, positive and negative hullaballoos (which is currently driving me nuts as to how I will encapsulate my experience and emotions in words).

I am currently employed in the school that I eyed for since I was in second year college. Based from the research I did before, it is one of the best schools in the city and that convinced me to apply and be part of the team! Looking at things from the bird’s eye view, I would say that it’s the place to be especially for the idealistic fresh grads like me. I mean, to be updated with the latest NAEYC studies, articles, teaching techniques and not to mention having LAKESHORE materials as part of your resources is indeed heaven.

Little did I know that a Preschool Teacher’s world – THE REAL WORLD is more than those. Deadlines are everywhere and work seemed endless. When I was in college, I was never good in meeting deadlines, I had my own deadlines and scheme as to how and when I’d like to work. For my first months, I am thankful for one of the skills I earned which is CRAMMING!

However, as time pass, I am grateful on how the Lord has used my workplace to change how I view things and how I work on things. I have learned to work in a manner where I’ll give my best. Not for the compensation, nor for anyone’s praise but because: 1. Colossians 3: 23 “Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people. “ This is one of the verses that the Lord revealed to me during my first months at work. He made me realize that it’s not about me nor my bosses. My work is a gift from Him, it is actually a dream come true and I must therefore do my best and work wholeheartedly for Him.



My love for my students is just so much! I am part of the Nursery Team and the Kindergarten Team (where I also teach Math, Literacy – Writer’s Workshop, and PE (?) hehe). The two levels are indeed full of diverse learners. On a daily basis, I play, have fun and help develop of the basic skills of 1.5-3 y/o babies who have different needs, habits and even DIALECT.

My morning starts at the nursery classroom and it surely makes my day! Having the clingy ones to follow me around, have me chase them or even help others control some impulses is an awesome morning routine. After the wonderful time spent in the nursery classroom, I spend the rest of my day in the Kindergarten Classrooms where I teach for almost like four times (since I handle two subjects in two sections). Math and Literacy – Writers’ Workshop captures contrasting skills and activities. It amazes me to see how my students deal with the respective subjects that I teach in a different way. There are some who loves Math but hates Writing, there are kids who loves Writing and dislikes Math and there are also kids who loves both! I am delighted because by teaching both subjects. I am able to address even more the individual needs of my students and thus be able to get a grasp of the child’s holistic development.



I consider my parents as the most marvelous blessing from the Lord. I am blessed to have non-authoritarian, very permissive yet guilt- buster parents. My parents never bombarded me with rules, curfews, etc but they bombarded me with prayers – prayers even in text messages. They always inspired me to dream big and strive hard, yet they never failed to remind me that everything is and everything should be for the Lord. They treated me like a princess but influenced me to have a heart for others. They made sure to give me all my needs, wants and demands, but never failed to at least orient me with the society. I did not grow up from a rich family. There was a time when my Father lost his work abroad and I needed to stop school for a year to give way to my siblings. My Dad currently owns and manages and water station, while my Mom is a call center agent. In spite of various financial difficulties, I would say that my parents never compromised in terms of our studies and I am beyond grateful and proud because they were able to send us to prestigious colleges/ institutions/ universities (Mapua Institute of Technology, Assumption College and Benilde). I was actually never able to grasp how hard it was for them to give us the best through the years until I entered the real world, and I acknowledge the fact that what I know about their hardship and how I appreciate the efforts they’ve shown (and they will show) will never be enough. (I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS, MOM AND DAD! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING)